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Hikari Be My Light Dub: Shine Bright Now!

Hikari Be My Light Dub is a Japanese dub of the popular children’s anime series, Pokémon. The dub is based on the original Japanese version of the series and features an entirely new soundtrack and voice cast. It was first released in 2002, and has since become a popular choice for those looking for a more authentic Japanese dub of the series. The dub features the voices of some of the most popular Japanese voice actors, including Megumi Hayashibara, Rica Matsumoto, and Akiko Yajima. The soundtrack also features a mix of original and classic tunes, as well as some new renditions of old favorites. All in all, Hikari Be My Light Dub is a great choice for those looking for a more authentic experience when it comes to watching the Pokémon anime.

Hikari Be My Light Dub

"Hikari Be My Light Dub" is an amazing dub of a popular Japanese anime song. The song is a beautiful mix of electronic and classical instruments. The track has a unique sound that combines traditional Japanese instruments with modern electronic elements. It has a very catchy beat and a great melody that makes it a great song to listen to. The vocals are also very well-done and add a lot of emotion to the song. Overall, it is a great song and well worth the listen.

Overview of the Anime Series

Hikari Be My Light Dub is an anime series that has captivated audiences across the world. It follows the story of Hikari, a young teenage girl who is struggling to find her place in the world. After the death of her beloved grandmother, Hikari is thrust into a world of darkness and despair. In her journey to find her true purpose, she meets a mysterious boy named Kiyoshi and together, they embark on an adventure of self-discovery and growth.

Hikari Be My Light Dub is a unique take on the coming-of-age story. It is filled with moments of laughter and tears, as Hikari and Kiyoshi slowly learn to appreciate and accept one another for who they are. Through their journey, the two of them learn to open up to each other, and ultimately, find the courage to be their own guiding light.

The animation of Hikari Be My Light Dub is a visual treat. It features vibrant colors, creative backgrounds, and a unique style that adds to the overall experience of the series. The soundtrack is also excellent, with a mix of both upbeat and melancholic tunes that create a beautiful atmosphere.

Aside from its captivating storyline and visuals, Hikari Be My Light Dub also has a strong cast of characters. Hikari is a strong-willed and determined girl who strives to find her place in the world and ultimately, her true purpose. Kiyoshi is a mysterious boy who helps her find her way. The rest of the cast are equally interesting and engaging, with each character bringing something unique to the series.

Hikari Be My Light Dub is an anime series that is both emotionally moving and visually stunning. It is a perfect example of how anime can be used to tell compelling stories that can captivate audiences of all ages. It is a must-watch for any anime fan, and one that will stay with viewers long after the credits roll.

Description of the Dub

Hikari Be My Light Dub is an upbeat and catchy song from the anime series, Inuyasha. It has been a fan favorite for many years and has been covered by many different artists in various genres. The song is about a young Inuyasha and Kagome, a human girl, who are in love and looking for a way to be together. The song is a reminder of the love that the two share and a call to find a way to make it work.

The Dub version of the song is a unique mix of the original and a new arrangement. It features a more electronic and upbeat version of the original, as well as a new vocal track that includes a rap part. The beat is faster and the lyrics are changed slightly to give the song a new flavor. The result is a song that is both familiar and new at the same time.

The Dub version of Hikari Be My Light has become a staple of many anime conventions and parties, and fans of the show have adopted it as their own. It’s a great example of how a song can be reworked and remain true to its source material. The new arrangement gives the song a fresh perspective, and the addition of a rap part helps to add a new dimension to the song. It’s an example of how a song can stay fresh and exciting even after it’s been around for a long time.

Hikari Be My Light Dub is a great example of how a beloved song can be reworked and updated for a new generation. It’s a great example of how a song can be made to stand the test of time and remain a favorite for many years. It’s also a great example of how rap can be incorporated into a song and still maintain its original charm.

Discussion of the Music and Voice Acting

Hikari Be My Light Dub is an enchanting and captivating anime that features a unique blend of music and voice acting. It has been praised for its heartfelt story and captivating visuals, but one of the standout aspects of the series is its music and voice acting.

The music of Hikari Be My Light Dub is composed by renowned composer Tatsuya Kato and was arranged by Yuki Kajiura. The score is an engaging mix of traditional Japanese and classical instruments, creating a beautiful and emotive soundtrack that perfectly complements the story. The music is used to great effect, helping to create an atmosphere of wonder and mystery that keeps the viewer captivated.

The voice acting of Hikari Be My Light Dub is top-notch, with excellent performances from the cast. The characters are given distinct personalities through their voices, and it’s easy to become invested in their story. The voice actors bring emotion and energy to their performances, making the characters feel believable and sympathetic.

Overall, Hikari Be My Light Dub is a captivating anime with an incredibly well-crafted soundtrack and excellent voice acting. The music and voice acting work together to create a truly immersive experience that will leave viewers feeling moved and inspired.



Hikari Be My Light Dub is a great anime song that really gets you pumped up. The production quality is really good, and the song itself is catchy and upbeat. It’s definitely a great song to listen to when you’re in the mood for some anime action.